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What does trust have to do with healing?

I have heard from a number of patients now and remember uttering the words myself – How can I trust my body when it is sick or seemingly broken? I think this interpretation is quite natural because illness on some level breaks the illusion that our bodies always function perfectly without our needing to pay attention. But, for a moment, lets inhabit a different perspective.

What if it’s NOT YOU that has lost trust in your body What if YOUR BODY has lost trust in YOU??

It has taken me four years, but this is the foundation of naturopathic medicine. It sees the body as inherently intelligent and does not see illness as a mistake of the body, but a mismatch of the body with its environment.

So as we sit up in our heads asking our bodies to behave differently, our bodies are sitting down there staring back saying:

If you want a different response, give me a different environment.

So where do we start? What environment is the body asking for?

This question takes me to the Therapeutic Order of naturopathic medicine, which is essentially a way for the physician to orient to treating a patient.

At the base of the pyramid is what we call the Foundations for Health, which could also be called - taking care of the needs of the body. From the broadest perspective, the most essential needs of the body are clean air, clean food, clean water, movement, and sleep.

I am confident that we begin to repair the relationship with our body the moment we choose to see life from its perspective. Your body wants to trust you. Your body knows how to be well. But in order to do that, we must listen to what it needs in order for it to function at its highest potential.

Let’s start today. What is your body asking for and how can you – as its caretaker – provide it?

I believe in you,


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