hourly rate: $150/hr

As your doctor...


I will do science with you. Old school.​

And you will be expected to be a participant in the process of the mystery of your health creation.


Two way street. 

To me, that is empowerment.

As a team...

  • You will explain your experience 

  • I will take your story and explain my clinical thinking so we are on the same page.


  • You will explain why you think it is happening

  • I will explain my view on why its happening


  • You will tell me the research you done and what you've tried and learned

  • I will explain to you what I would do and what i would try.

  • together we will formulate a hypothesis and an experiment to try - an intervention

  • and after you experiment with the intervention we will have data - feedback on how it changed your experience.

and we will go from there

asking questions - receiving feedback - and

changing the direction as needed


together we will ask questions like:

did the intervention - your experiment - change your experience of life or no?

do we need to modify our hypothesis or modify our intervention? 

do we need blood chemistry? 

From my lens - medicine is both art and science.

Creativity is allowed on the playing field. 

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Dr Litsey

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