Are you breathing at night?

Let's test and find out!

There are options if you are not so don't fret.


get curious.


Plus, life gets a whole lot easier when oxygen is around at night.


Like - this could be one reason or the reason why you aren't feeling 100%.

Value: We need oxygen to make energy. period.

no oxygen means low energy state. 

Plus no oxygen is like being choked out all night.


and you wonder why you wake feeling whacked out!


your animal was air wrestling all night.

Price: $150

Includes one night sleep + air assessment using this pulse oximetry technology to assess if your animal has air all night. 

Plus one visit to discuss results and next steps + any other sleep questions you have.

Or go to the- eversleep - website and gather the data yourself.


I'm here if you have questions.

Read about sleep apnea here

Message me on the site to set up testing.

Let's make testing for air the standard.


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