Immune Support Class! 

When and Where:

Starting Friday November 27th

10:30 - 11:30 Pacific Coast Time

on zoom for 4 Fridays 

Who: Jane Litsey ND and MIA Gaw PA

Price: $150-$300 - you decide


But if you are here reading this

you are part of my roots

so come - first class free

It would be good to see your face


Sign Up:

Where do we start?...

                   ...The roots of course

We will talk human roots and plant roots and the community found supporting BOTh --- Bacteria fungi and the whole soil -food web


the soil food web of the human


the soil food web of the plant

same world


And if we want healthy humans 

we need healthy roots and communities

We need healthy soil

Feeding the world above


Its winter

lets be like the plant

lets return to the roots

Hope to see all of you Friday

So here is the story...

© 2019 JaneLitsey